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In the area of industrial automation we are a stable partner as proven by hundreds of realized large scale projects in various branches of industry that are operating in many countries around the world. Thanks to the close cooperation with customers we are able to realize even contracts with incomplete or inaccurate instructions, in case of need, we can suggest the missing sensors, we perform necessary modifications on site in the electric cabinets and are also able to recommend optional or necessary modifications of the mechanical part of the commissioned technology.


The EUROSOFT-Control ltd is also active in the field of low Voltage (till 1000 V) electric cabinet production (length up to 8 meters) according to DIN, NAD, UL especially for the automotive, printing and metalworking industry. The cabinets are produced from the parts both directly purchased by the company and the parts delivered by the customer itself according to the project documents, that are supplied either by the customer or by our electro design department according to specifications of the customer. The transportation of the electric cabinets is provided by our department of logistics.